Shoutout to South Africa!

For my final blog I will do a list of shoutouts

Shoutout to Calvin for being the best tour guide and driver anyone could ask for. Your insight on the history of South Africa has made my experience that much more meaningful!

Shoutout to Bill for being the grandfather figure of the group. You are one of the wisest people that I have ever met!

Shoutout to the weird guy at the freedom charter monument who played the recorder with his nose!

Shoutout to Calvin’s wife, who gave me insight on student activism during apartheid!

Shoutout to Patrick the security guard for being reliable and kind to us in Melville!

Shoutout to Noor giving us the information to better understand the current social and economic problems in South Africa!

Shoutout to Allister Sparks for your wise words on the class struggles in South Africa!

Shoutout to Dennis Goldberg for sharing your experiences and story with us!

Shoutout to Bob for being the fun uncle figure of the group! You always encouraged us to explore Cape Town!

Shoutout to Frances for being a great psych coordinator!

Shoutout to Adrian for giving us the best service at the Daily Deli! Despite being a little awkward at times

Shoutout to Clemence for dealing with us coming in everyday and for laughing at Adrian!

Shoutout to Ryan at Yourstruly for being the first local friend I made in Cape Town!

Shoutout to guy at the Power and the Glory for making me laugh everyday!

Shoutout to the compliment guy outside of Truth Coffee for giving the greatest compliments!

Shoutout to Michael for always being happy in the Bed and Breakfast!

Shoutout to Annie for being the sweetest housekeeping lady!

Shoutout to Dieter the priest to talking to me and Justin everyday!

Shoutout to Mandy for a great boss! Although you were sometimes perplexing, you made my district six museum experience memorable!

Shoutout to Zahra for always being nice to the interns!

Shoutout to Nikki for helping us with the funding for the A Night at the Museum!

Shoutout to Bonita for helping us advertise for the A Night at the Museum!

Shoutout to Tina for being the eccentric lady in the office!

Shoutout to Edith for being a nice cleaning lady around the office!

Shoutout to Koe’sister lady for having the best Koe’sisters in all of Cape Town!

Shoutout to Norman for being a jolly old maintenance guy!

Shoutout to Chris for being the coolest lady in the office!

Shoutout to Ross for showing me a good time in Cape Town!

Shoutout to Lucky for showing me the Daniel Sturridge dance!

Shoutout to Levi giving me the rugby socks, and for driving me to Claremont!

Shoutout Luke for introducing me to all of your friends from RBHS, and for giving me a ride home!

Shoutout to Team D6 for always sticking together and for being the best team of DukeEngage!

Shoutout to Edgar for showing me all of those back exercises!

Shoutout to Junior! I loved our conversations in the gym!

Shoutout to Justin for being my man on this trip! These girls ain’t loyal!

Shoutout to Sab for laughing at Justin with me!

Shoutout to Charlotte for being the older sister of the group!

Shoutout to Lauren for being my go-to when we went out!

Shoutout to Corrine for being the social chair of the group! #TeamD6

Shoutout to Patty for always bringing the fire! #TeamD6

Shoutout to Rachel Z for giving me a lot of insight on women and gender equality!

Shoutout to Jenna for always being independent in your thoughts and actions!

Shoutout to Rachel H for being the mom of the group! And for being so chill!

Shoutout to Fede for being the most caring and thoughtful of the group!

Thanks to everyone who donated to A Night at the Museum! The event was awesome and the kids were great!


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